History of Logos

The origin of the logo itself is very interesting and indeed hold the same purpose now that it served historically. Humans have been creating logos for thousands of years, some of the earliest examples being from the Ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians would use hieroglyphics to give their belongings a brand and claim ownership over it. During the medieval era masons and blacksmiths used to brand their steel. The branding of steel was also a common practice in Asia.

In the 1900’s the commercial world was growing exponentially, and we saw the introduction of modern advertising, which coincided with the advent of modern color production. Like today, it was essential to use logos to brand your business if you wanted to stay competitive and on top.

The past century has seen a huge boom in logo usage and the idea of branding has become an important one in today’s economic environment. We have such a large and growing number of businesses and industries that now operate worldwide, and there needs to be some distinction for each individual business.

The same can be said of law firms. With more people studying the law and becoming lawyers it’s become a very competitive industry and it’s important to stay on top. Branding successfully is something that can no longer be ignored, even in the professional services industry.