Large Firm Logos

As a large law firm, you have the market share and authority already in your area. Did you realize that by ignoring branding and your logo design you could be missing out on tons of potential customers? A logo is an important piece of media that every business should have, and law firms especially rely on their logos and visual branding to help set them apart from the competition.

Effective logos, especially for an established business, require utilizing intelligent color choice, fonts (typeface), images, and balanced composition. Attorney logo designs generally follow established rules and guidelines, and there are many common conventions and graphics which allude to law offices. Your logo needs to convey a commitment to justice, and should have a clean, professional look that entices people. One popular graphic that has been used and reused is the scales of justice. It is reused so often because it is a classic symbol of litigation that resonates with most people. Of course, this won’t look unique. To set yourself apart from the competition, it’s important to make use of subtle conventions that will still convey the professionalism and compassion that your law firm has.

A good logo will represent your law firm well – just as well you represent each of your clients. It need to be a representation of your law firm’s mission: serving people who need help with litigation matters. This kind of information should be easily recognized; if your mission isn’t clear in your logo, or it doesn’t give a professional feeling, it won’t be good for your law firm and might even harm your credibility as an attorney.






And this is where logo designers come into play. If your law firm logo doesn’t represent your law office and highlight what’s unique, you could be losing out on clients. A good logo designer will make sure that your logo instills confidence and trust in potential clients so you can drive more clients to your law firm.