Logo Colors

Although choosing your firm’s color might be the last choice you make when it comes to your logo design, it is still a very important one.

Viewers have emotional responses to different colors, and while you can’t predict how every person will react to a certain color, you can look at how colors influence us over all. You also have to keep in mind changing trends, as certain colors or saturation levels can be fashionable for certain periods of time. Colors will not only differentiate your brand form competing firms but can show the strength of your organization.

Many firms choose to have a simple black and white logo. In many cases, this can be a good choice, as the simple combination conveys a serious, neutral, classic tone. It is also optimized for printing on any surface and very easy to translate into whatever medium you’re using.

However, you might be interested in adding a bit of color to your brand instead. The most important thing to do first is consider your desired firm personality. Are you looking for a traditional, serious feel, or something more energizing? Do you want your visitors to feel calm and trustful, or do you want to shock them into taking action?

Some very common colors that we often use are blue (from very light to very dark), maroon, red, gold, green. Remember that colors are not restricted to certain industry, and you can always make your color work for your business.

Often what matters more than the color is the saturation level– highly saturated colors may often be too bring for a law office, but a lower saturation can be appropriate.