Logo Design

A logo is undoubtedly the greatest tool a law office has for branding themselves. Your entire business’s “visual portfolio”, or all the images associated with your law firm, hinges on the success of a logo. And typically for law offices that is almost the sole form of imagery that a cliuent associates with the business. You want a client to see your law office’s logo and immediately make that connection.

And anywhere you can put your logo will give you brand power. Many lawyers will use their law office’s logo on stationary, keychains, and other marketing materials or small giveaway items. Anytime you can place your logo on something and it is seen you are gaining brand recognition and brand power.

Historically, logos meant a name, symbol, or trademark created for easy recognition. As early as the 13th century goldsmiths, masons, potters and other creators of fine goods used marks to represent their craftsmanship, and these logos became synonymous with their quality.

This can be seen as the beginning of modern-day branding. Today the idea behind a logo has essentially remained the same, but holds even more importance in our competitive business world. The ability to easily recognize a product and associate it with its maker is even more relevant today as we enter further into a global marketplace.