Logo Symbols

More than ever, the values and ideals your firm represents are more important than your actions. When potential clients see that you firm believes in the same principles that they do, they will feel a stronger connection to your attorneys and be more likely to hire you. For this reason, the symbol that you choose for your firm logo is absolutely essential in communicating quickly and wordlessly what your firm is all about. The symbol can be thought of as a visual representation of a company’s brand, and are the fastest and most effective way to create connotations and layers of meaning about the personality of your firm.

Firstly, its important that your symbol looks the part. You may want a symbol of a bird, for example, to convey the scope and mobility of your firm. However, what story does that bird tell? Is it a predator, or a songbird? Is it’s depiction realistic, or abstract? Not only the symbol you choose, but also the way the symbol is drawn, will effect how your audience experiences your logo. You also need to commit time to research the meanings connected with that symbol. Write down a list of all possible meanings, positive and negative, common and far-fetched. Be sure that your symbol is well-perceived in other countries as well as your own.

Naturally, the most commonly used symbol we see is the Scales of Justice. While this can work for some firms, we recommend against it. Viewers already understand that you practice law–they want to know how and why you practice it. What are your core beliefs? Bringing something more original to the logo will not only help you be remembered, it will get people treating you the way you want to be treated, and get the right clients into your office. Are you most interested in credit law? Get a logo that brings to mind money, credit cards, etc. Personal injury? Get a symbol that is explosive and dangerous. By choosing the right symbol, you’ll put your potential clients in the right mindset for your business. In a sense your logo should tell a story without words. Your logo should communicate the services that your firm offers and should exude power.