Logos for Law Firms






Many law firms will dedicate a significant amount of time or money to making sure their logo design is professional and looks good. Your customers are reminded of your best attributes every time they view your logo and are invited to keep you on their mind; this is referred to as brand equity, or simply branding. Through branding and sending consistent visual messages to your customers, they are likely to have a good understanding of what your firm does and your business will be fresh on their minds. A logo isn’t necessarily the only thing that will constitute an entire brand; often times law firms will also have a website with images related to law, pictures of themselves, etc. But its very crucial to keep this visual message consistent in terms of layout, color choices, fonts, etc. – even the use or non-use of a slight shadow can entirely change the feeling and meaning behind a law office’s logo text.

A logo itself should be simple, clean, professional, and have a connection with your business or law firm. People should be able to immediately make the connection between the imagery of your law firm and your logo. Your logo is a polished sign of your professionalism. The success of a logo depends on its ability to convey your message effectively and without words.