Sole Practitioner Logos

Something we hear very frequently, when suggesting our logo services to clients, is “I’m just a sole practitioner. I don’t need a logo.” While sole practitioners do need to inspect each of their purchases for genuine value to stay afloat, logo design is something your business can’t afford to skimp on. Of course, we believe that a professionally designed logo is essential to any law firm, not just sole practitioners, but we’re going to the take the time on this page to explain why logos are so important for sole practitioner attorneys specifically.

Solo lawyers can be the very best kind of legal service for representation. They often are bringing real knowledge from their past experiences working with larger firms, and they’ve seen the frustrations that bureaucracy can bring and are savvy enough to avoid them. Their representation will always be personal, and often extremely fervent and dedicated to each case, no matter the size. They can customize their services to fit each client, and they usually run their services a little cheaper as well. However, the number one problem that sole practitioners–as with any small business owner–really suffers from is a lack of respect and trust. Clients will never take a single lawyer as seriously as they do the big law firm with the giant office that manages hundreds of lawyers. How can solos battle this conception that their business is somehow less legitimate than a larger firm?

By establishing a solid and respectable company image. It’s important to build a presence for your business, not just as a representation of yourself, but as a separate professional entity. Internally, you can write mission statements and company values etc. to construct the company culture in your mind, but most important is that outwardly, your business presence is strong. This means your email shouldn’t be @yahoo or even @gmail, it should be @firmname, always. It also means you should have standard company colors and a uniform logo to appear on your letters, business cards, website, and more. A professional logo is an essential step to building a concrete business identity that people will take seriously.











Your logo is a symbol that communicates not only who you are but your general message of what your company stands for. You may see this as a simple design or picture but much deeper though needs to be put into its color and overall aesthetic. logos are used to convey a depth of information in a simple format. Branding is just as much apart of marketing as having a commercial your want something that customers will automatically identify with your company.