What Makes a Good Logo

There are many factors that go into successful logo design. Use the checklist below to determine if your logo hits enough points to make it good enough for your business. You should be able to quickly answer every question on this list; if not, it could indicate an area your logo might be needing some redesign.

What is the underlying meaning of your logo?
Does it show activity or instill a sense of movement (remember, sometimes this ISN’T desired)?
Did you consider negative space?
Does it have good proportion and symmetry?
Is it simple?
Is it memorable? Or just generic?
Is it trendy (or will it stand the test of time)?
Can it easily be used across mediums?
Is it appropriate?
Most Importantly: Do clients get a sense of what your business is just by looking at your logo?

So how did you do on these questions? If you hesitated when answering any of them it might show an area of weakness for your specific design. A good logo embodies all of the qualities discussed in this checklist, and while most logos won’t hit the mark on every aspect 100% of the time, you should always keep this checklist in mind while brainstorming or planning prior to the design process.